About us

About GIS Consortium The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a group of local communities working together to develop geographic information systems (GIS) solutions.  These local governments have broad backgrounds in GIS-related technologies and share a common objective—to achieve the full benefits of GIS by maximizing value while reducing cost and risk.  The GIS Consortium was established with the goal of investigating existing approaches to GIS in local government and integrating best practices into a unified model.  This tradition continues through annual review by the board of directors.

The core tenets of the GIS Consortium are cooperation, commitment, quality, and efficiency.  The members leverage these values to identify opportunities for maximizing the return-on-investment for the organization.  The role of GISC is to provide its members opportunities to integrate cooperatively developed solutions to bring increased efficiencies to local government.  This includes developing networks with nonmember organizations that can provide supporting solutions.

The GIS Consortium does not have annual dues, enabling members to apply their entire GIS investment to solutions.  In addition, all intellectual property developed by the GIS Consortium belongs to its members.