City of Lake Forest

The City of Lake Forest is the 17th and geographically the largest member.  The City implemented their GIS in 1997 and is one of three communities in the Chicago Metro area to have had a GIS program in the late 1990s. The City's GIS is one of the premier programs in the Chicago area and the GIS Consortium is excited about the collaborative partnership. The partnership provides an opportunity to work together to share common experiences, best practices, improve efficiency and lower the cost of GIS.

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General Demographic Infrastructure
Corporate area (sq. miles): Population: Miles of streets:
Number of parcels: Average age: Miles of water main:
Police beats: Number of households: Number of hydrants:
Fire districts: Number of housing units: Number of water valves:
Sales tax: Number of owner occupants: Miles of sewer main:
Home rule: Number of renter occupants:  
Workforce count: Number of families:  
  Number of businesses:  
  Median household income:  
  Median net worth:  


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Lake Forest

Member since: 2010

County: Lake

Community website:

GISC Representatives

Corporate Authority

Bob Kiely
City Manager
Telephone: (847) 810-3675
Email: KielyR(at)

Board Member

Brian Joyce
Engineering Assistant
Telephone: (847) 810-3554
Email: joyceb(at) of Lake Forest Fire Department| of Lake Forest Police Department| Forest Village Hall| Forest Municipal Services Building
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