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The GIS Consortium provides an array of solutions that members can implement and add to—standards, applications, training, and shared procurements. The Board routinely identifies opportunities where cost and operation efficiencies can be improved by the organization. Once these improvements are identified, the members cooperatively develop the solution.

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The GIS Consortium Library™ is an easy to use internet based documentation application. Users are able to view, create, edit, and comment on articles and resources though a standard desktop internet browser.

The Library™ offers access to the intellectual body of work of the GIS Consortium (GISC). Resources include user documents, training videos, how to guides, process documents, and model metadata. The Library™ will accept any type of article and it allows the author to distribute this information to all or a subset of the GISC membership. This means Library™ evolves on a nearly daily basis, providing its users with a dynamic resource for learning and sharing GIS experiences.

Software - web

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MapOffice™ is a comprehensive mapping and property information tool for use by the general public and GIS Consortium community employees. More than a simple mapping tool, MapOffice™ provides an interface for integrating spatial location with community business processes. By using a web-based approach MapOffice™ is made accessible across multiple industry and community platforms, creating a powerful application for gathering property information.

Designed from a regional perspective, MapOffice™ integrates data from all GIS Consortium communities into an accurate, easy-to-navigate, single map product. This map product is kept current with updates provided by GIS Consortium member communities.

Software - web - local network only

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MapOffice™ Advanced

MapOffice Advanced™ is a comprehensive mapping and information tool for use by community employees on their local network. More than a simple mapping tool, MapOffice Advance™ provides an interface for integrating spatial location with community business processes. By using a web-based approach MapOffice Advanced™ is made accessible across multiple industry and community platforms, creating a powerful application for gathering information.

MapOffice Advanced™ allows for a property search by either its address or PIN and provides numerous tools for retrieving information about that property. Default tools include a property summary that lists information such as zoning and voting districts and a measure tool for determining a property’s area or distance to another map feature.

Software - desktop

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Mobile Data Viewer (MDV™)

Mobile Data Viewer (MDV) 2.0 is designed to provide first responders with the most accurate data available with an interface that takes the demanding environment of emergency response into account.

Version 2.0 is the second generation of the MDV product and offers significant improvements from the previous version. Even with its increased functionality and flexibility, MDV remains FREE to all GIS Consortium member communities and staff.

MDV was built for first-responders and mutual-aid. MDV is the first product of its kind to provide true regional datasets. This version provides seamless data from all GIS Consortium members in a single map. Geography is searchable by individual communities or the entire region.

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Data is replicated throughout the Consortium. Replication is the process of sharing information so as to ensure consistency between redundant resources; this is done with data and software. Replication is important in improving reliability, security, and accessibility.

Replication provides communities with backup protection to their GIS investment. It also provides the exchange of regional data and allows updates to occur seamlessly throughout the GISC members.

Software - third party

ESRI Business Analyst Online ™

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online is another product offered by the GIS Consortium to its members. Business Analyst Online combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer spending and business data to create a powerful reporting, analysis, and mapping tool.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Online gives you detailed information about the demographic makeup of various populations such as their lifestyle and buying behavior. It also contains information about businesses in your market area along with the ability to perform drive-time, density, or threshold analysis and visualize your study on a map or as a table. Your study area is fully customizable, allowing you to search by rings, drive-times, hand-drawn shapes, or using standard geographies, such as municipal, state, and county boundary, block group, census tract, or ZIP Code.

ESRI ArcReader™

ArcReader™ is a basic data viewer for maps and GIS data published in the proprietary ESRI format using ArcPublisher. The software also provides some basic tools for map viewing, printing and querying of spatial data. ArcReader™ is included with any of the ArcGIS suite of products, and is also available for free to download.

ESRI ArcView™

ArcView™ is the entry level of licensing offered by ESRI, it is able to view and edit GIS data held in flat files or through ArcSDE. Users are able view data held in a relational database management system.

ArcView™ is typically used by more advanced community users. It is more complex than ArcReader™ and provides the ability to make custom projects and maps.

ESRI ArcInfo™

ArcInfo is a full-featured geographic information system produced by ESRI, and is the highest level of licensing and therefore functionality offered in the ArcGIS Desktop product line.

ArcInfo™ is the software used by the site specialist every day. It was originally a command-line based system. The command-line processing abilities are now available through the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the ArcGIS Desktop product. ArcInfo™ is used to edit community databases and create complex analysis of community data.