Mobile Data Viewer (MDV™)

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Mobile Data Viewer (MDV) 2.0 is designed to provide first responders with the most accurate data available with an interface that takes the demanding environment of emergency response into account.

Version 2.0 is the second generation of the MDV product and offers significant improvements from the previous version. Even with its increased functionality and flexibility, MDV remains FREE to all GIS Consortium member communities and staff.

MDV was built for first-responders and mutual-aid. MDV is the first product of its kind to provide true regional datasets. This version provides seamless data from all GIS Consortium members in a single map. Geography is searchable by individual communities or the entire region.


Software - desktop

Departmental use cases


  • Locate area hospital


  • Draw a perimeter around spill
  • Find hydrant flow rate
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO) Accredidation
  • Locate area hospital
  • Measure distance to nearest hydrant
  • Utility locations


  • Locate area hospital
  • View aerial photography of property for possible building entry locations

Public works

  • Facility ownership
  • Hydrant flushing notification
  • Pipe diameters
  • Utility locations