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Water System Operator Magazine Recognizes Quality Leaders in the Village of Norridge

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
​Water System Operator Magazine recently published an article on the Village of Norridge, showing its success with technology improvements and service.  It reviews the work of Doug Strempek, the IT and GIS Coordinator for the Village, in the updating of core technologies and services. Read the ...

Glen Ellyn joins the GIS Consortium

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
​We are excited to announce the newest member of the GIS Consortium, the Village of Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  Glen Ellyn becomes the 23rd member of the GIS Consortium and the fourth member to join this year! The Consortium and MGP are looking forward to the ...

GIS Supports Recent Flood Emergency Response Efforts

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
​We contributed an article on page six of the Illinois City/County Managers Association (ILCMA) June 2013 newsletter.The article discusses the vital role of GIS when it comes to emergency response. It illustrates that a GIS program is a powerful asset for a community’s emergency response ...

About the GIS Consortium

The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a public entity consisting of local governments that work collectively to achieve the benefits of GIS and related technologies. The mission of the GIS Consortium is to create value by managing cost and risk within an environment of cooperation where all members, regardless of size will succeed. Private industry plays a role in this model to the extent that it can provide specialized aspects of these systems. This partnership provides an environment where success is predictable and costs are contained.

The GIS Consortium recognizes that small- and medium-size communities face special challenges when implementing technology. By collaborating communities unlock opportunities otherwise unavailable because of complexity or cost. The GIS Consortium is a public entity formed under a state statute that encourages Intergovernmental Agreements between units of local government. Above all, the GIS Consortium works to foster cooperation to solve common problems.

The GIS Consortium is recognized as a strategic partner in the greater-Chicago region GIS industry. Organizations that share our values of efficiency and cooperation are seeking our advice. As we all face new challenges in these economic times it is important to work cooperatively. The GIS Consortium stands as a symbol of what the future of local government may look like.