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Crystal Lake Teams up with GIS to Fight Fires in Lakewood

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department

Is it possible to save resources, improve community services, and help a fellow neighbor all at ...

Communities That Collaborate Win!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A disruptive model for collaboration was set into motion in 1998 knitting four communities together to form the GIS Consortium; in this model communities share staffing, software, and infrastructure to enhance communication and sharing of information across departments by delivering a robust geographic information ...

We Will Acccomplish More Together Than We Will On Our Own!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

​A forum of managers in local government in northern Illinois, the Leadership Roundtable, came together in early 2015 to generate a list of common problems they could solve together.  As the list of project ideas grew one of them quickly floated to the top ...

About the GIS Consortium

The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a public entity consisting of local governments that work collectively to achieve the benefits of GIS and related technologies. The mission of the GIS Consortium is to create value by managing cost and risk within an environment of cooperation where all members, regardless of size will succeed. Private industry plays a role in this model to the extent that it can provide specialized aspects of these systems. This partnership provides an environment where success is predictable and costs are contained.

The GIS Consortium recognizes that small- and medium-size communities face special challenges when implementing technology. By collaborating communities unlock opportunities otherwise unavailable because of complexity or cost. The GIS Consortium is a public entity formed under a state statute that encourages Intergovernmental Agreements between units of local government. Above all, the GIS Consortium works to foster cooperation to solve common problems.

The GIS Consortium is recognized as a strategic partner in the greater-Chicago region GIS industry. Organizations that share our values of efficiency and cooperation are seeking our advice. As we all face new challenges in these economic times it is important to work cooperatively. The GIS Consortium stands as a symbol of what the future of local government may look like.